Eric Clapton – The Cream Of Clapton [Full Album]

Eric Clapton – The Cream Of Clapton [Full Album]

01.Layla – (Album Version)Derek & The Dominos,Eric Clapton 02.Badge – Cream 03.I Feel Free – Cream 04.Sunshine Of Your Love – Cream 05.Crossroads (Live At Wi…



Rodney Thomas says:

Down Clapton street,right off cosmos way.

Robin Juste Emery says:

This sounds a little slow. Are you playing this from cassette or vinyl?

Ali Hassan says:

Anna S . there is three good man Clint Eastwood Eric Clapton and Mirror

Antonio Conte says:

buon giorno e buon lavoro a tutti bacioni iaoooooo

Bad for Good says:

excellent album but the title sounds very sexual, just sayin.

Cherry Black says:

Each & everytime I hear Badge… I remember


Eric Clapton – The Cream Of Clapton [Full Album] 

Carmen Hernandez-Ochoa says:

‘Love him to death!!!

NoMoreBrotherWars says:

Oooh noes….

pavlos dhmas says:

popo nostalgeies clapton4ever******

karkaman says:


Ray McNulty says:

The Master, even a bit off he is the best. 

Reuben Claridge says:

if Clapton is God, then why does this only have 850,000 views. most of the
world is religious, guess they just don’t worship great music

Robert Blessing says:

I see new kids luv’n it !; ‘Groovy’!

Gloria Ramirez says:

Great album!

Zoran Stojanovic says:

Kakav umetnik

Lubby Lubs says:

everyone loves claptons cream

Davey Payn says:

My girl friend didn’t like Clapton or respect his music!!! she’s gone now!

JennaP46 says:

The very,very best of “Cream” Derek & The Dominos..All of you younger
genre,under the age of 30~~~Forget it!!!

william Jones says:

clapton Is God and this his best damn album

Nina Iordache says:


George Oliveira says:

foda pra caralho!!

Ceci Padilla Ruiz says:

Ahora que está de moda subir álbumes completos al Youtube escogí uno de
Clapton para comer, gustan? XD

GuitarSlinger2112 says:

00:00 Layla
07:22 Badge
10:12 I Feel Free
13:12 Sunshine of Your Love
17:32 Crossroads

OK I gotta split unfortunately. Someone else can finish this up :cheers:


Wow…I love Badge!

Jasmine Jacques says:

the cream of clapton sounds really really bad

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