Southern Rock at the BBC

Southern Rock at the BBC

Various performances from Southern Rock artists, as seen on the BBC.

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mo boden says:

Thanks for the info, halt. Didn’t realize that was him…

haltmusic says:

That button pants guitar player is none other than Rick Derringer.

lesterclaypool1 says:

it”s Jessica by the Allmans brothers

chance howland says:

he means that was skynyrd before steve gaines

chance howland says:

sweet home alabama

chance howland says:

no lynyrd skynyrd


lynerd skynerd

Joe M says:

The aforementioned button pants guitar player appears to be none other than Rick Derringer. The bass player is Dan Hartman.

Matthieu Higelin says:

Vive Le Sud !

Rg962 says:

The entire time I was thinking ‘this needs some ZZ Top…” then finally… :D

frank gotjams says:


mo boden says:

Another awesome video, Chris. Thanks so much. (Btw, I wonder if the Edgar Winter guitar player still has those boss white pants with the big buttons on the side? Sorry for being silly,  but they were a HOOT.)

ykhmskuhkk says:

Title is “Jessica”, playing The Allman Brothers Band.

Daniel Redlich says:

Jessica is the first song-Allman Brothers

MarinaSuomi says:

could somebody tell me what song is playing the first 20 seconds? thanks

holcroft1969 says:

Ramblin man………..yesssssss, awesome!

moJosouthpaw says:

Oh, I get it, from A to Z.

glpdlx77 says:

The best 24:20 – 29:24!!! :-)

politicus56 says:

Love Elvin, but tell me he doesn’t look a lot like Harpo Marx in overalls and a cowboy hat.

politicus56 says:

one of the greats for sure. Never got his due IMO.

lesterclaypool1 says:


dehart connections says:

Ed King was the original Steve Join after Ed King left & right before the plane crash

lesterclaypool1 says:

steve gains played in skynyrd ,,, so what do you mean ?

Arnie Mostowy says:

Skynyrd before Steve Gaines

John Bush says:

Thank you, this is a cool video

GuitarSwan says:

Wow the contrast between Dickey and Gregg in this vid is pretty crazy.

Siva Prasad says:

excellent collection,thanks for uploading! u r a genius!

bisp25 says:

barry bailey was a phenominal player !!!

DankNstien says:

man guy on base rocks
with mr winter on rock n roll wow

DankNstien says:


Deborah Bennett says:

Gregg was heavy on the hard shit then lol that was like a poser marrying the real thing. 

Deborah Bennett says:

yea rumour had it Bonnie juked it up with a lot of the boys, dunno if its so but….. i cant call the kettle black i wasnt married though

Deborah Bennett says:

can you imagine these guys jammin before Chancellorsville them ole boys couldn’t even fight a war after jukin with them all night even way back then wooohoo.

The80smetalguy says:

great stuff..thx for the upload!!!

thecaravinagres says:

Great stuff and you can see how one strand (Black Oak etc..) led to Van Halen and their ilk, while the other led to muso groups like Toto and other pretty bland stuff really. Love the swamp music, ZZ Top and Skynyrd are great. Greg Allman really embraces that late 70s bland shite. Shame.

thecaravinagres says:

cheers for this!

Scrimshaw Machrihanish says:

When they put this out on BBC4 the other week my DVD recorder decided it had had enough of Greg Allman & Cher warbling away so just stopped. I wouldn’t mind but that meant I missed Elvin Bishop asking for his Travellin’ Shoes and ZZ Top in their Cheap Sunglasses. Having incurred my displeasure I can report the old Panasonic has been replaced and I am well grateful for your upload here.

Del Phillips says:

Thanks for this is excellent

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